"D" Handled Shovel, Rounded Blade

"D" Handled Shovel, Rounded Blade
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Mother Earth News Managing Editor Jennifer Kongs' product review posted November 19, 2014.

"I don’t have the body weight to easily sink a shovel blade into the ground, so a nice, weighty shovel that can keep a sharp edge through several sessions of use is important for my garden efficiency and digging satisfaction. The shovel that’s stolen my heart is a “D” handled shovel with a rounded blade that came from The American Garden Tool Co. The shovel is rust-resistant and has a 5-year guarantee against breakage.



  You’ll find other shovels of the same caliber from this family-owned tool company, along with a variety of other quality garden products, including some nifty ratcheting pruners.  Price: $81 (plus shipping)."  

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"D" Handle Shovel.

The "D' handled shovel is our most popular model of shovel. Super strong, rust-resistant, smooth and lightweight. It has a five year guarantee against breakage under normal use.  It's long tapered cutting edge resists dents and nicks from hard digging conditions. It is virtually self-sharpending during use. The "D" shaped handle is helpful for leverage and maneuvering during your projects.  

Blade length: 11"

Overall length: 42.5" 

Weight: 5.0 lbs.

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Price $81.95