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An uncommonly sensible way to pick, carry, and display cut flowers -- whether from your garden, the farmer's market or floral botique. Your cut stems go immediately into water, extending their life considerably. The Flasket makes it easy for the novice and pro alike to create gorgeous arrangements. Great for all seasons.

The Flasket's benefits include:

* Cut stems are immediately placed into water, extending their life considerably;

* Cut stems are supported by the acrylic Flasket body to protect from crushing or breaking;

* Cut stems are easy to carry - both around the garden or the market, and by standing your Flasket on the floorboard of your automobile; and,

* Your cut stems are ready for immediate display in the Flasket once you get home, saving you the time and hassle of making an arrangement.

Anyone can make a gorgeous flower arrangement with the Flasket by simply focusing on color and stem length! Real Simple Magazine named The Flasket their 'Solution of the Month' for August 2005. Give it a try and see why!

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