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Garden Tool Belt. American made. FREE SHIPPING
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Stop Losing Tools 

Keeping your plants and your garden looking their best requires a few great tools but searching for misplaced tools takes time, plus lost tools are costly to replace, and can damage mowers if left on the lawn.





The Let’s Grow! Pickpocket garden belt has four deep, roomy rear pockets made of heavy, breathable, 100% cotton duck and an adjustable waistband for year round use and a custom fit. Designed to be worn just below the waist for hours of comfort and balance while bending, squatting, and reaching.


A double layer of heavy cotton duck fabric allows you to carry sharp tools and knives without tearing through. The Let’s Grow! Pickpocket garden belt is made in America and built to last with reinforced seams, riveted pockets and a heavy-duty buckle.


Powder coated metal D-ring can be used to hang your Let’s Grow! Pickpocket garden belt with tools for storage, and can be used with a karabiner to carry small tools, keys or a cell phone. Hand washable.


Unlike traditional garden tool aprons, the Let’s Grow! toolbelt is a garden tool holder designed to be worn as a belt, with the buckle in front and pockets that wrap around the back. The 100% cotton duck fabric is breathable for comfort and the waistband adjusts for all seasons.

Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry.

Size Waistband adjusts to:
Small 27” to 34”
Medium 35” to 37”
Large 38” to 44”


Horticulturists, landscape maintenance gardeners , interior landscape specialists and garden enthusiasts wear the heavy duty Let’s Grow! Pickpocket garden belt to carry tools for:

    • Weeding
    • Pruning and deadheading
    • Tying and staking
    • Irrigating
    • Bulb planting
    • Seed starting




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