Multi-Purpose Industrial Steel Sheets

Multi-Purpose Industrial Steel Sheets
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  • Item #: Digger Sheets

American-made, genuine industrial metal sheets for landscaping and interior decorating. These are available nowhere else. The American Garden Tool Co. is the only source for them and they are being offered wholesale via this page only. 

Flexible width-wise and length-wise. 73.5 in. x 22.5 in.

Easily bendable with some hand and foot strength. Tools are not necessary but can make it easier. Wood used here to keep the crease even. They maintain the shape very well. Stakeable, flexible, paintable. Expect them to rust over time if not painted. 



Ideal for using in rooftop gardens as privacy fencing, trellises as flat or bent lengthwise and connected to make a chevron pattern. 

Can flex into a heptagon or smaller—great for lining with white washed wood or old wood to make a pot holder, covering with lights for outdoor or indoor decorating. Can be hung or stacked for lighting, trellising, etc.

Can also be mounted into a wooden frame for display or easily hung, also, as a ceiling option.

Hang two together (one upside down) with a spacer for an indoor trellis. 

Pictured as a fence at a local nursery. They use the sheets to trellis and grow a native, non-invasive honeysuckle variety.  They can also be used as a wall decoration or with as an industrial waterfall feature.

Some pieces have small imperfections from production process. This is normal for the pieces.

Wt. 12.5 lbs.

73.5 in. x 22.5 in.

Delivered flat, unbent.

Contact Stefanie via for all sales of digger sheets.

Note: Other shapes are available below.





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