Starter Set One

Starter Set One
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Perfect starter set for a new homeowner or as a house warming, wedding, retirement or gift. Save $10 by ordering the set.

(1) Dura Rake 18" (head width) :  

Stefanie's grandfather designed and made the Dura Rake. He was quite a large man and a showman. He introduced the tool at a tradeshow  in the 1980's by setting up a horizontal rake holder and he rested his whole weight on the handle of the rake. He bounced his 225 lbs. on it for four days straight and it never bent or broke. Imagine doing that with a wooden rake!

He ended up selling thousands of Dura Rakes at that show and it still continues to be a strong selling product.  It is helpful for leveling and mixing soil and for breaking up rocky soil.

The original Dura Rake made of aircraft-quality tubing, heat-treated for great strength and durability. Will outlast any other rake by a great margin! Replacement heads available. Heads easily exchanged with two 1/4" machine bolts. The preferred rake of many landscapers and nurserymen.  

Specs: 18" Easy assembly req. with two bolts.   Overall length: 64.5"  Weight: 3.00 lbs.

(1) Featherweight Mini Pick: 

Ah! Our other go-to tool for the garden work (along with the Digging Tool and the Ultra Lite Spade with two foot pads).

We use the featherweight Mini Pick to loosen soil, pull soil back for bulb or seed planting and stir up the compost pile, too. Lightweight at less than 1 pound but still strong enough to handle most jobs.

Best on the market! Made in the USA. Heat treated for great strength. 

Overall length: 16" 
Weight: .75lbs.

(1) Ultra Lite Spade with 1 foot pad:

The favorite of many--Stefanie uses this one in the garden and to cut through roots of small trees and bushes. It is super strong, rust resistant, and smooth. ULTRA LITE weight--only 5 pounds. Long tapered cutting edge resists dents and nicks from hard digging conditions. Virtually self-sharpening during use. "The innovator of spade technology has developed the ultimate spade."

Blade length: 12"  Overall length: 40.5"  Weight: 5 lbs.

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