The Original Garden Hod w/o Logo

The  Original Garden Hod w/o Logo
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Garden Hod Born of pure Yankee ingenuity, Pike's Original Maine Garden Hod reflects the very best of Maine's long tradition of functional art, craftsmanship and utility.

What is a Hod? Hods were originally used by both the French and the British for everything from carrying bricks and mortar to measuring and washing alewives. For hundred of years, Maine's clam diggers have used hods to hold and rinse their catch. "Maine Garden Hods", styled after the traditional clam hod, are built to last from quality hard and soft woods and durable food-grade vinyl-covered mesh.

Designed for harvesting and washing plants, fruits, and vegetables, users have discovered that the Hod lends itself to hundreds of other uses -inside and house- any time of the year. You'll find the Hod is one garden tool that's useful indoors our out..any time of the year! Hods are available in two sizes to meet nearly any need.

The Original Hod measures 19-1/4":x11"Wx7-14"H and has a capacity of approximately two pecks (16 quarts). The L'il Hod measures 16"Lx9"Wx5-1/4"H and has a capacity of approximately one peck (8 quarts). In addition, you may select between our classic branded Hod or a plain, no logo finish. The branded hods only have a logo on one end.

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