Ultra Lite Steel Spade w/ 1 Foot Pad

Ultra Lite Steel Spade w/ 1 Foot Pad
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  • Item #: Ultra Lite Spade w/ 1 Foot Pad

 King of Spades 12" Ultra Lite Spade

The favorite of many--Stefanie uses this one in the garden and to cut through roots of small trees and bushes. It is super strong, rust resistant, and smooth. ULTRA LITE weight--only 5 pounds. Long tapered cutting edge resists dents and nicks from hard digging conditions. Virtually self-sharpening during use. "The innovator of spade technology has developed the ultimate spade."





Blade length: 12" 

Overall length: 40.5" 

Weight: 5 lbs.

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Price $87.00

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